Hi there and welcome to our blog fouropeneyes.com!Isabell and Dominik looking at the traditional village Bena

We are Isabell and Dominik and we try to see the world with open eyes – four open eyes.
Born in the 80ies and raised in the beautiful Bavarian countryside around Munich (Germany), we enjoyed a childhood full of playing in the nature, building tree-houses and ‘cooking’ soup of grass.
Now we still love to spend as much time as possible outside: The close Alps offer adventure right on our doorstep all over the year. Being active, experiencing memorable moments in the mountains is a precious good we would like to share with you.
However sometimes the wanderlust rises in us and we become excited to travel the world. We admire the wild nature all over this beautiful planet, love to meet locals and hear their stories. Stories about inspiring places and people we are going to retell to you.
Still we love cooking. In our daily routine we find fulfillment in our garden and in preparing mostly healthy meals out of it: Gardening and cooking at home as important pillar of our happiness – and we will write about this here.
What also makes us happy is creating amazing things with our four hands – instead of buying. You will be amazed how little you need to create nice pices with your hands.

Fouropeneyes is not only a place for adventures and conscious lifestyle, but should be encouragement and motivation for you to get active. We hope to inspire you on how to easily change your life into more worth living and how to make at least the small world around you a better place to live.

We are happy to have you here and are excited to meet you, to receive your inspirational comments and thoughts. Join us and open your eyes!

Your Isabell and Dominik